After school activities develop 21st Century technical and problem-solving skills in students

Publication Date April 06, 2020

Enisa Izeti is a student at the Kuvendi i Arbërit School in Ferizaj, and is a member of the school’s Technicians Club. Enisa first started this journey by participating in a project organized by teachers through the After School Support for Teens Program. Prior to her membership in the club, she said that she found it hard to share responsibilities with others. Often times, Enisa would work on projects on her own, not feeling confident enough to seek out help from others. This has changed now due to the many opportunities she has to work with other students within the club. Enisa says that the Makerspace not only offers students the equipment needed to design and build different things, but it also allows them to have a space where they can meet to brainstorm and study.

“Whenever I go to the Makerspace, I feel so motivated to create something, to build something from scratch”.

Presentation of the robot. November 2019

Enisa, alongside the other Technicians Club members, built a robot to showcase in the inauguration ceremony of the Makerspace which took place in October 2019. Enisa was certain that they had the theoretical knowledge to control the robot, however, they faced many practical difficulties and were unable to make the robot move. She spent all her time during the ceremony working to fix the problem so they would be able to present the work they had done to the USAID representatives and other guests. Enisa found an error in the code, fixed it, and the robot could finally move! This was an exceptionally important day for Enisa, highlighting her ability to work under pressure. The Technicians Club has affected Enisa on many levels, she even changed her perception about her future. Since her freshman year, Enisa believed that she wanted to study architecture. Her experience in the Technician Club with branding materials, led her to understand that she in fact enjoys design. Consequently, Enisa is now researching to find the right university for her to study Graphic Design. These after-school experiences have helped Enisa find a new sense of direction for the future.