After-school activities help a student develop her communication skills and confidence

Publication Date April 06, 2020

It is said that communication is the most important skill in a student or an employee. Albina Ramadani, student of Xhavit Ahmeti School in Gjilan, is not only an active listener, but she also adapts her communication style in a friendly and confident manner.

Albina Ramadani has recently joined the school’s Career Club, which was funded through the After School Support for Teens Program. During the many activities that took place in the past few months, she enjoyed the cooperation between members of the club, whose mission is to help their peers in finding work or volunteer experiences, in organizing different career-related opportunities, so that teens can take informed career decisions. Albina felt inspired to volunteer and through this opportunity, she noticed how she was overcoming her fear of speaking in front of an audience, no matter how big or small!

“Being a member of this club has helped me tremendously in managing my speech anxiety. Now I understand that I can cope with this fear. This has helped me build self-confidence whenever speaking to a group of people. Of course, it has all been easier with the support I have from all the members of the club”

Albina enjoys supporting the club members in different activities as well as researching and discussing for new creative activities for the club to implement. She believes that effective and confident communication with others is the key to being successful in the 21st century.