After-school activities help students develop creativity and critical thinking skillss

Publication Date April 06, 2020

Bardh is an inspiration to many. He always offers a helping hand when needed but also pays attention to details and likes to solve problems efficiently!

Bardh Mustafa is a member of the Career Club at Xhavit Ahmeti School in Gjilan. Ever since the After School Support for Teens Program partnered with the school, Bardh felt motivated to spend time after school working in different creative projects. He says he enjoys being able to question, witness and create projects. Bardh also thinks that students now find it easier to question a lesson or entice a reaction.

"I believe that to be a good researcher, you must have the ability to think critically."

Presentation of the walking stick for the visually impaired/elderly. February 2020

Bardh, together with some of his friends, decided to work on a project inspired by the Project’s “Design Challenge 2020” Competition. His group of students, spent a month and a half working on this project, working after school every day in the school’s Makerspace and it was, as he described, a very enjoyable period. He was devoted to do his best in order for the project to meet the criteria set by the competition and come to a successful conclusion.

His persistence and sense of responsibility made him one of the lead members of the school’s Career Club, and now he has added different tasks to his role. He is now a liaison between the school and a number of small businesses in Gjilan, connecting these businesses with students in his school and providing them with internship opportunities during their high school studies.