Practical projects bring creative minds together

Publication Date April 06, 2020

Sandra and Nikola, students at the Gimnazija School, Kamenica, are two of the many students who have been using the Makerspace regularly. Brought together by after-school clubs, many of the students from the school have been working together on different projects. Some of these projects were internal and others were activities and competitions organized by other organizations. Recently, together with a group of other students, they decided to compete in the “Design Challenge 2020,” a competition organized by the After School Support for Teens Program in partnership with IPKO Foundation, where they designed and built a humidifier. When interviewed, they said that all students should take the chance and participate in such competitions because they believe that they will be more motivated to work in teams and that they will also have an opportunity to utilize their creativity.

“The Makerspace has been a huge help! If we didn’t have all the equipment needed, we would have not been able to create the humidifier or even work together” said Sandra.

During the presentation of the air humidifier. February 2020

“I have found that teamwork brings better results because managing projects is easier, as we are all in charge of certain tasks yet all are working for a common purpose and this brings more positive as well as faster results in the end” added Nikola.

Nikola enjoys spending his time cooperating with his friends. It is not only because he can design and build different things with them, but also because he believes that this will make it easier for them to get into the job market since they understand the importance of working in a team. Since the beginning of the school’s partnership with the Program, Nikola was inspired to join the Career Club because he wanted to further develop his interpersonal skills. Nikola’s commitment and hard work, led him to become president of the Career Club.

In addition to her enthusiasm for design, Sandra was also keen to taking the opportunity of participating in an internship. She recently became an intern at “KRIK”, an NGO in Kamenica. Sandra said that she learned a lot by working alongside her colleagues and found that she enjoyed spending her time there. She said she learned many things during the internship; but revealed what she felt was the most important lesson:

“The most important thing is to be creative! To have ideas on how to improve something and to also be able to share these ideas with other creative minds!”