After school activities develop 21st Century technical and problem-solving skills in students

Publication Date April 06, 2020

Rron Qirezi, a student of the Xhevdet Doda School in Pristina, is currently undertaking an internship as a Teaching Assistant at the Digital School. In his previous school year, Rron decided to join the Career Club, with the intention to strengthen his soft skills. Rron is now one of the students who organize different motivational talks for peers in their sophomore and senior year to help motivate them to find exactly what it is they want to study. He says that he is more decisive and capable of achieving his targets when working within a team.

“I have learned that a good leader must include all members of the team in any decision-making process, it is only then that a decision can be right”.

During the workshop on "Social Network Management." February 2020

Besides his volunteer work in the school, Rron wanted to get an internship and gain the experience of working in the real world. He began his internship at the Digital School in February, 2020. Rron thinks that he now has a different understanding of the teacher’s role in the classroom. Never before had he thought about how much preparation a class demands and how much energy is spent by the teacher to make sure that all students understand the class. Rron looks forward to attending classes with his mentor at the Digital School, as he feels there is still a lot to learn and this will benefit him greatly in terms of his own ambitions to lead classes in the future.