About ASSET Program

USAID’s “After School Support for Teens” Program (ASSET) is a, 5 year, USAID program, managed by Kosova Education Centre (KEC), in partnership with FHI 360 and Crimson Capital Corp. It will end in June 2022. Our main aim is to develop employability and entrepreneurial skills in Youth and a positive attitude to their future.
Our slogan is: “Preparing Kosovo Youth for 21st Century Life and Work.”

To this end, we are working to enhance the educational opportunities offered to students in Kosovo High Schools (Gymnasia), improve access to careers advice and increase links between schools, communities and business.
Our vision for Kosovo’s high schools is: high quality, well resourced, learning organizations, with effective links to the wider community, that help all young people become effective communicators, productive and responsible citizens, and life-long learners, able to think creatively critically, and to positively impact on Kosovo’s future.
Our mission
is to create positive change in Kosovo’s high schools by introducing authentic, real-life experiences linked to life and work. We: Establish, equip, and support facilities that enable practical project-based learning, linked to Kosovo’s competency-based curriculum; Provide practical and sustainable teacher professional development activities, including accredited courses, that improve the quality of teaching; Assist the MEST to develop and implement its careers education system to enable all students to make appropriate career choices; Establish effective links between schools and the world of work that enable students to relate their education to their own futures.