Developing Workforce Skills through After School Activities

Publication date: 23.11.2021

In October 2021, the USAID Program After School Support for Teens – ASSET organized workshops with Career Club from 16 partner schools and provided professional support for drafting their work plans.

The workshops, which occur once a year in the beginning of each academic year, were used to discuss with students and mentors about the roles, objectives, and activities of each club for their 2021/22 school year. By setting goals, each club will be able to develop and implement their workplan.

For this academic year, the following goals have been set:
o The development of club management skills;
o The organization of activities for skills' development;
o The information on career opportunities for school students;
o The communication and school – business links;
o The mediation of student’s volunteer and work experiences

Discussion with students of Xhavit Ahmeti School, Gjilan – October 2021

The clubs are led by mentors, most of whom are teachers of the 'life and work' field. They are also certified for "Career Orientation and Counseling" course. The club is made up of school students who contribute voluntarily to its tasks and each year new students are welcomed to join the club. Additionally, the Program will continue with follow-up activities during the second semester of the academic year to ensure that each club is progressing properly.

Discussion with students from partner schools - October 2021


*** The “After School Support for Teens” program is funded by USAID and implemented by the Kosovo Education Center (KEC) in partnership with FHI360 and Crimson Capital Corp.