Design Challenge 2020 Winners

Publication Date April 21, 2020

The After School Support for Teens Program (ASSET) in partnership with IPKO Foundation have organized the Design Challenge for the second year in a row. Both, the ASSET Program and IPKO Foundation, share a similar goal to support and prepare the Kosovo youth for the 21st Century Life and Work. The aim of this year’s competition was to gather young and innovative minds from different high schools around Kosovo to compete in four challenges:

- Creation of a board game
- Creation of an air humidifier
- Creation of a walking stick for the visually impaired/elderly
- Creation of videos of professions

Students were required to create innovative equipment that aim to benefit the society they live in. A total of 22 schools from around Kosovo submitted 55 projects. These projects were both fun and challenging for students because, as they noted, working on them required an open mindset and a chance to refine their creative skills. Students noted that the skills strengthened during the competition include sharing their knowledge, approaching issues with flexibility, strengthening their hard skills and communicating effectively within their teams

The evaluation panels consisted of representatives of USAID Kosovo, MEST, MZHE, BONEVET, SmartBits, TOKA, IPKO Foundation, University of Pristina, Cacttus Education, and the ASSET Program team.

The winners of the Design Challenge 2020 are:

Challenge for Creation of a Board Game:
• First Place: Xhelal Hajda-Toni School, Rahovec
• Second Place: Xhevdet Doda School, Pristina
• Third Place: Gjon Buzuku School, Prizren

Challenge for Creation of Humidifier:
• First Place: Gimnazija School, Kamenica
• Second Place: Kuvendi i Lezhës School, Viti
• Third Place: Jonuz Zejnullahu School, Viti

Challenge for Creating a Walking Stick for the visually impaired/elderly:
• First Place: Xhavit Ahmeti School, Gjilan
• Second Place: Gjon Buzuku School, Prizren
• Third Place: Eqrem Çabej School, Vushtrri

Challenge for Creation of Videos of Professions
• First Place: Kuvendi i Arbërit School, Ferizaj
• Second Place: Kuvendi i Lezhës School, Viti
• Third Place: Gjimnazi i Specializuar Matematikor, Pristina

To watch the full Creation of videos of professions, please visit

Main prizes will be distributed by the Program and IPKO Foundation, each with a 1500€ contribution.

First-Place winning schools will receive vouchers worth of 300€.
Second-Place winning schools will receive vouchers worth of 250€.
Third-Place winning schools will receive vouchers worth of 200€.

Special prizes are sponsored by SmartBits, BONEVET and TOKA.

SmartBits will offer a one month paid internship to six students from the three winning schools on the Videos of Professions video challenge.

BONEVET will offer a two-month scholarship and two-month paid internship for three students from the first-place winning schools from the creation of a board game, creation of a low-cost air humidifier and creating of a walking stick for elderly people challenges.

TOKA will offer two spots on their Summer Camps for two students from any one of the winning schools. The selection on who will attend will be made in collaboration with the schools.

We are thrilled to continue this partnership during the next years of the Program so that students from all Kosovo schools are given the opportuni to highlight their abilities by putting into use their creative skills.