Developing Workforce Skills through After School Activities

Publication date: 27.10.2021

While some students are self-motivated to learn new things and explore new ideas, others are motivated to learn through organized activities during and after school.

Trim Basha, a young man from Prizren, was driven by his curiosity to take part in a range of activities at school. He graduated from Gjon Buzuku High School in Prizren and soon will begin further studies in integrated design. During his time in high school, he participated in the USAID Program ‘After School Support for Teens’ (ASSET), where he gained research skills, conscientiousness, and critical thinking, which are necessary skills for 21st century employment.

"During my high school years, I was involved in the ASSET Program in different ways. I was a member of the Technicians' Club, I helped the Career Club, and I took part in a design challenge competition", Trim explained.

In particular, Trim discovered a talent and passion for Open Street Mapping (OSM), Arduino, design and programming, learned through the Technicians Club, which helped him to develop skills in the field of research, programming, and electronics.

"I had never heard about the OSM training, but I was intrigued by the name, and so I applied. Additionally, I completed the Arduino course", he continued.

He said that the Program activities helped him learn how to work in a team and solve problems in a creative way. Trim also mentored primary school pupils to create their school model - as well as assisting the NGO “THY” with their Youth Center model.

The photo collage above shows some practical model projects that Trim and his colleagues worked on.

Besfort Guri, one of Trim’s OSM trainers from our partner organization FLOSSK, noted his involvement in class and his enthusiasm. He said, "Students such as Trim and their engagement are real success stories". Trim’s experience in OSM, led him to work as an intern in the NGO “Ec ma Ndryshe”, where he helped to map trees in the historic area of the city.

"They (Ec Ma Ndryshe) asked me to participate in their “GreenProject” because they knew I was involved in practical activities. Together with colleagues, we identified trees and identified their characteristics, such as how tall they are, whether they have leaves or not.”

Trim's colleagues in "Ec Ma Ndryshe" have found working with him to be very beneficial. According to them, students like Trim are an inspiration and well-prepared for the job market.

Trim in the offices of the “Ec Ma Ndryshe”, October 2021

In addition to its activities in Gjon Buzuku School, the Program works with other students like Trim in sixteen high schools throughout Kosovo.

*** The “After School Support for Teens” program is funded by USAID and implemented by the Kosovo Education Center (KEC) in partnership with FHI360 and Crimson Capital Corp.