Diellza’s story about her engagement in Xhavit Ahmeti Careers Club

Publication date: 24.09.2021

Diellza Kurteshi has just graduated from the "Xhavit Ahmeti" School in Gjilan. During her years of study, she was a member of the Careers Club, an initiative established by the USAID After-School Support for Teens (ASSET) Program.

Diellza says that her main aim in joining the club was to develop her leadership skills. During our interview with Diellza, she said that enthusiasm and desire to work together with her peers had pushed her to engage, and contribute as a volunteer member of the Club.

Diellza, in the Makerspace, established by the ASSET Program.

“In my engagement I wanted to find out that which piece of the society puzzle I was and how could I contribute to the society. It was the Careers Club the place where I found out more about my skills in presenting, coordinating, planning and implementing ideas”,. said Diellza.

She further added that the Careers Club’s emphasis on Education, Career Guidance, and the understanding of professions have led her to join.

Diellza was responsible for organizing informative and motivational sessions with guests such as Driton Kuka (judo coach and former judo champion in the former Yugoslavia) , Uta Ibrahimi (first Albanian women to climb Mount Everest), Uliks Gjonaj (police instructor). In her work as a member, she learned about teamwork and how to communicate with both individuals and larger groups.

“When I look in the eyes of my peers who attend our sessions how their eyes shine when they hear golden stories, win trophies and gain experiences through victorious stories, is what motivates me and gives me the strength to believe in our success as a society”, said Diellza.

She emphasized the importance of coordination between the Club’s president, members and mentor for the development of activities that would help students make decisions on their careers.

During event organizing meeting

The Club’s mentor, a teacher, Pajtim Rashiti, agreed that the Careers Club is the right way to prepare young people for life and work, by developing their soft skills and relevant competencies. "Our students. like Diellza. are promising resources with potential and without a doubt they will have a successful career in the future!", he said.

Involvement in extracurricular activities has helped Diellza become an effective communicator, responsible citizen, and think creatively and critically. She encourages all her peers to get involved in the Careers Club.

“Under the umbrella of sincere efforts to understand where you belong, ask yourselves who you want to be, what role you would like to have and what you must do to achieve that. You will then for sure get to the answer of being involved as volunteers or members in programs such as Careers Club program, because the beauty of these colorful activities is in learning many new things about yourselves, what you like most” – were the concluding and encouraging words of Diellza.

The After-School Support for Teens Program, ASSET) has established 16 Careers Clubs in 16 partner schools (gymnasia). Through these activities, students develop skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking, research, entrepreneurial skills, and many others that develop life and work skills. The ASSET Program is funded by the USAID in Kosovo and is managed by the Kosovo Education Center in partnership with FHI360 and Crimson Capital.