Organizing Entrepreneurship training

Publication Date November 20, 2020

For the last three years, the “After School Support for Teens” ASSET Program, has been organizing trainings on Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy for upper secondary school teachers. The training, consisting of lessons designed to strengthen entrepreneurial skills, aims to help schools understand the role of entrepreneurship in 21st century and help them develop basic entrepreneurial skills.

Through this activity, students have the opportunity to develop crucial soft skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, as well as learning to accept failure as a part of the growth process. These are skills that will help them navigate their career choices. During the training, teachers are guided to use interactive tools with their students in class fostering creativity and encouraging problem-solving techniques through entrepreneurship projects.

So far, 15 partner schools have benefitted from the training. Moreover, teachers from 9 non-partner schools have also benefitted from the training, thus expanding this practice more widely. Until now, more than 1400 students were involved in these activities and created more than 50 enterprises.

Students were creative in choosing types of enterprises by adapting topics to their interests and community needs. Some of the enterprises involved creating new libraries for schools, training centers, web design services, app development, selling different products and small accessories to environmental solutions, etc.

The Program will continue to support schools in creating more enterprises of their choice.

Presentation of the products made by Hajdar Dushi school students during entrepreneurial activity, 2018

Online training for Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, 2020