Project Week at Eqrem Çabej Gymnasium: An efficient activity for 21st century students

Publication Date June 07 2021

from the standard one. Students were thrilled about the new activity and the results achieved were ever greater. As a result of the knowledge gained and soft skills developed, students’ presentations were professional and attractive.

The Project Week, organised by Eqrem Çabej, a partner school in the USAID financed “After School Support for Teens” – ASSET program, was manifested based on the knowledge gained by teachers from the Project based teaching training. This present day method enables concretization of theoretical learning and interrelation between different subjects and the real world. Students presented their projects in front of Municipal Education Directory representatives, their peers, teachers and representatives of the ASSET Program. The three projects, carried out by students and mentored by their teachers, included:
1. Luminescence;
2. Association Quiz and
3. The sense of Sight.

Project presentation and teamwork

The first project presented was The Sense of Sight, combining the subject of biology, physics, psychology and maths. In addition to the anatomy of the eye, students had prepared a sight test for their classmates and had created a Braille alphabet in Albanian. The team of students who worked in this project said that through this activity they had gained the skills to define a problem, line the arguments for solution and build a project plan. After this presentation, the team of the “Association Quiz” project was gathered at the school library. This team, consisting of 3 girls and 1 boy, had their Name Tag and the project name on their chest. Their great presentation demonstrated that through this project they have developed skills such as: teamwork, creativity, research, etc.

Student presentations

At the end of the event, the last team was waiting for us at the ‘Makerspace’, the creative space established by the Program, to present their project called Luminescence (Luminescence is spontaneous emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat, or "cold light"). A large team of students proudly presented their results for 40 minutes in a very clear and professional way. In addition to the presentation, students had visited the Hospital in Vushtria to get a hands-on experience about this process and had created products that demonstrate the process, which are attached below.

‘’This project is very important to me because I learned a lot about the process of Luminescence, which is applied in many areas such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Technology. Based on the activity carried out, I think that the process will be applied in different areas such as forensics, traffic, etc. in a distant future.’ – Lorik Zabërgja said.

Leonitë Bekteshi, student of XI-1, shared her positive experience as well. ‘’I learned many new things while working in the ‘Luminescence’ project. To me, being engaged in such a project was a very good life experience’’ – she said.

At the end, teachers said that, by working in different projects, they could notice that even the students who usually showed no zealous commitment in regular learning process had shown a completely different attitude when working in projects. One of the reasons they adapt better when working in a project is their learning style, they adapt better when working in teams, their preferences in cooperation and hands-on activities implemented, which are often organized beyond classroom environment.