Project Week organized at Haxhi Zeka Gymnasium, Istog

Publication Date June 07 2021

On 30 April 2021, Haxhi Zeka Gymnasium celebrated the final day of the Project Week, an activity supported by the USAID financed “After School Support for Teens” – ASSET program. The week was full of attractive activities for students and teachers.

Projects were presented by the Language, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Technology group. The six projects:
1. Life paths;
2. Decoration of School environments;
3. For the Health of Rivers and Ecology;
4. Raising Awareness about forms of bullying at school;
5. Programming and Technology,
6. Sport Games
were presented in classrooms and school hall.

The Project Week was manifested based on the knowledge gained by teachers during the Project based teaching training, a method that allows for a concretization of theoretical learning and interconnection between different domains/subjects and the real world. Joint cooperation between teachers and students is the key feature of project based teaching method.

Students were thrilled about this new activity and the student Artian Zogaj as well highlighted the importance of organising similar activities. “Working on the Project Week was a good experience. It is necessary to have these kind of activities organised and to present them in front of the audience” - he said.

Final product presentation

“The Project Week was a different kind of week and an inspiring one. This week made us understand the importance and productivity of Project based teaching, having the learning process developed within a relevant context and us, students, engaged” – stated Fatjeta Gashi, student of 11/7.

Fatjeta also added that this activity brought to light their hidden creative talent, and their research and cooperation skills.

Project Week proved that this activity was not something students were doing for a grade; instead it was something that may bring to light their hidden creative skills and talents.

At the end, school management awarded certificates of acknowledgements to the teachers Ibrahim Bytyçi and Lindita Kaliqani for their correct and quality cooperation, to the ASSET Program for cooperation and support in the processes that contribute to quality education and to the student Armond Maxharraj - "Volunteer of the Year" - for his contribution in three years in Gymnasium.