Online Internships at Riinvest

Publication Date 04.08.2020

In May 2020, 37 students of the ‘After School Support for Teens’ ASSET Program partner schools, completed online internships provided by Riinvest College. Due to the pandemic and the practice of social distancing, internships for students were conducted online and communication was maintained at all times through the ‘Google Meet’ and ‘Google Forms’ platforms.

Students had the opportunity to strengthen their teamwork, communication, and research skills through training provided on ‘Research methods and techniques.’ The training was 4 days long, where students learned how to administer a research by a Gent Beqiri, a research expert from Riinvest College. All the knowledge gained during training was applied in practice where the participants managed to survey about 1500 students of ASSET Program partner schools, on ‘Study Orientation’. After completing the survey, they also compiled reports from the research findings for each school.

Participants on online internships were 26 females and 11 males from 14 partner schools of the ASSET Program, listed below:

The winners of the "Essay Competition 2020" are:
1. Xhevdet Doda in Pristina
2. Hajdar Dushi in Gjakova
3. Kuvendi i Lezhes in Viti
4. Eqrem Cabej in Vushtrri
5. Xhavit Ahmeti in Gjilan
6. Kuvendi i Arberit in Ferizaj
7. Gimnazija in Kamenica
8. Hivzi Sylejmani in Fushë Kosove
9. 17 Shkurti in Obiliq
10. Jeta e Re in Suhareka
11. Haxhi Zeka in Istog
12.Bedri Pejani in Peja
13. Ulpiana in Lipjan
14. Xhelal Hajda Toni in Rahovec

We thank Riinvest College for their contribution and the participating schools for supporting their students through this process. Our program remains committed to providing such opportunities for students, in collaboration with our partners.