Students of 17 Shkurti Gymnasium in Obiliq present their projects as part of the Project Week

Publication Date June 07 2021

The Project Week activity was organized at 17Shkurti Gymnasium in the Municipality of Obiliq, a partner school in the USAID financed “After School Support for Teens” – ASSET program.

This Gymnasium was among 8 Program partner schools to organise this activity. For a 2-months period, students had the chance to particularly develop and apply soft skills required for life and work, such as: teamwork, problem solving, creativity, communication, responsibility toward work and others, etc., which directly contributes to the development of key competences in school curriculum.

Students and teachers had made the arrangements for the event, where they were going to present their final zealously prepared products. The presence of the Director of the Municipal Education Directory and representatives of the Program made the school members feel appreciated for the work they had done.

Valentina Dedinca also pointed this out, while showing us the Reading Corner project. When asked about her experience during this activity, she said that all the school projects have a positive effect in students because cooperation is enhanced. “It is a great pleasure to gain knowledge you can use for other projects, while simultaneously developing our soft skills”, she said.

Her peer, Shaban Preniqi, who was engaged along with 19 other students in the School park project, said: “It was an unforgettable experience for me because this is my first time in such a project. I made new friends during the activity and I learned how to take care of environment”.

Fatjeta also added that this activity brought to light their hidden creative talent, and their research and cooperation skills.

Project Week proved that this activity was not something students were doing for a grade; instead it was something that may bring to light their hidden creative skills and talents.

At the end, school management awarded certificates of acknowledgements to the teachers Ibrahim Bytyçi and Lindita Kaliqani for their correct and quality cooperation, to the ASSET Program for cooperation and support in the processes that contribute to quality education and to the student Armond Maxharraj - "Volunteer of the Year" - for his contribution in three years in Gymnasium.