Students of Xhavit Ahmeti Gymnasium present 6 projects as part of the Project Week

Publication Date June 07 2021

On 29 April 2021, students of Xhavit Ahmeti Gymnasium presented six school projects as part of the USAID financed “After School Support for Teens” – ASSET Program.

The students presented their final projects in front of the representatives of the ASSET Program, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Municipal Education Directory, teachers and school management in different school environments. The projects included:
1. Albanian Literature through Centuries;
2. The Impact of Pandemics on Teaching and Learning;
3. Stereotypes and Gender Roles;
4. Chemical Substances Risk Signs;
5. Environment Pollution; and
6. French Historical-Cultural Monuments.

The activity was part of regular school activity in regards to learning outcomes foreseen in the curriculum, but the way of implementing it with the students was rather different. A joint planning by teachers of various teaching areas, planning of individual and group tasks for students, which included analysis, research, discussions, conclusions and presentation, preceded the method.

Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Arch, numerous cathedrals and castles, cultural monuments, world famous artistic works were presented in a huge board in blue, white and red, colours of the flag of France. By doing a research about this type of inheritance, students extended their knowledge about cultural and historical wealth, and then they presented the same in the board so the viewers can get to know them.

Project presentation

Another project presented was the Impact of Pandemics on Teaching and Learning, a research carried out by students as part of the Community Youth Mapping activity. In addition to report presentation, the school organized an inclusive Discussion about the impact of pandemics, reflecting on its advantages and disadvantages on the school process. The school also prepared 3 articles about this activity, which are can be accessed on the school website: school website.

At the end, school management showed their gratitude towards the ASSET program for supporting the Project Week, expressing their determination to make this activity traditional for Xhavit Ahmeti Gymnasium.