The "Design Challenge 2021" competition has commenced, the first three places win awards

Publication Date 22, January 2021

Applications for the competition "Design Challenge 2021" are open.

The USAID Program “After School Support for Teens” (ASSET) in cooperation with IPKO Foundation, invites you to apply in the competition "Design Challenge " 2021. The "Design Challenge 2021" competition aims to inspire young people to have new and innovative ideas for competing in the five (5) challenges for 2021. We appeal to youth innovators from all high schools of Kosovo to participate in this competitive activity.

The challenges in which students can participate are in five (5) categories:
1. Creating a video for the presentation of a scientific/mathematical/technological concept;
2. Building the Pinball game;
3. Building an electricity generator for schools or exhibitions;
4. Building a smart home with a control function for the opening/closing of windows/shutters;
5. Building the device for feeding the pets.

How to be part of the competition?

Schools that want to apply must show interest in participating by January 29, 2021, at, mentioning the challenge (s) in which they want to participate. Schools that will be part of the competition will be monitored by the organizing team until March 31, 2021, when the finalization and submission of projects are expected. The best projects from each school will be evaluated by the panels.


  • Participating schools are encouraged to create a team of mentor teachers who will guide students in the realization of the challenges;
  • Schools are encouraged to organize competitions inside the school and submit for evaluation in the above email only the winning category challenges;
  • In case of the competition inside the school, the school sets a team that, based on the given criteria, selects the best projects, which are then sent to compete with other schools.


The first three places from each challenge and the three schools with the most projects in the competition inside the school will be awarded a voucher for the purchase of additional equipment for practical work with students.


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