USAID “After School Support for Teens” - ASSET Program Conference “Developing life and work competencies towards self-reliance”

Publication Date November 30, 2020

The “After School Support for Teens” – ASSET Program organized its second national conference for education stakeholders in Kosovo. The conference encouraged the sharing of practices and understandings of the development of life and work competencies of students in high schools. Barriers and challenges in implementing the project-based learning, assessment of students’ learning, use of technology in learning, and in creating sustainable partnerships among school community and businesses were discussed during the pre-conference workshops conducted throughout 16-19 November.

The conference welcomed contributions from different education stakeholders including: teachers, school directors, municipal education officials, MES representatives, partner organizations, and business representatives that collaborate with schools.

The plenary session of the conference was held on November 25th. In this session, representatives from MES, USAID, and the Program highlighted the importance of implementing the practices established through the Program aiming to prepare students for the life and work of the 21st century.

Specific part of the conference focused on recommendations from discussions on the the following topics:

• Use of technology in the education process
• Assessment for learning and soft-skills assessment
• Project based-learning implementations in schools
• School-community-business links

Recommendations from the conference will be shared with the partner schools and other stakeholders. The Program will continue to implement its activities, as well as coordinate with stakeholders to address the recommendations for sustainability of activities.